CSFS.PCGEI: Personal, Community, Global, and Ethical Impacts

Use the standards above to create a Digital Story Introduction to coding for your grade level team of teachers.

Whole Group:
The teacher will attend a Code.org Computer Science Fundamentals training
The teacher will then discuss the important elements of coding that were presented
The teacher will discuss the challenges we face in preparing students for computer science careers, as well as solutions to those challenges
The teacher will also discuss how introductions to coding can be used in digital storytelling.
The teacher will provide a completed example for the peers to view, before passing the assignment on for them to implement lessons with their classrooms.

Please take advantage of the resources for digital storytelling that are linked on the Digital Storytelling Teacher Resource Links page of this wiki


  • Create a plan and use a graphic organizer,

  • Write information for the beginning, middle, and end of your presentation/story

  • Transfer your written information into a story on each of your digital pages

  • The digital story needs to use text (recorded text) or images on each page
  • Be creative, remembering that the foundations of Code.org and Computer Science Fundamentals for K-5 students is to use Collaboration, Creativity, Persistence, Communication, and Problem Solving.